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Beo Identity Pen - 02504T
Beo Identity Pen
Beo Identity Burger Swiss pen. Twist-action quality ball pen, barrel and clip, part shiny white with clip ring available in 37 different colours. Metal tip and jumbo refill with choice of black or blue ink.
minimum order 500
FROM £1.00 TO £1.14 more info
Sleek Stylus Executive Pen - 12505V
Sleek Stylus Executive Pen
Multi-function slim profile ballpoint pen with stylus on top for capacitive touchscreen devices. Glossy finish barrel and metal trim.
minimum order 300
FROM £1.00 TO £1.15 more info
Star Highlighter - 03405S
Star Highlighter
Groovy highlighter pen. Five vibrant colours in a tactile star shaped case practical and fun.
minimum order 250
FROM £1.03 TO £1.21 more info
Square Shaped Highlighter - 03502S
Square Shaped Highlighter
Four vibrant colours. Simple effective design with a good print area.
minimum order 250
FROM £1.03 TO £1.17 more info
Mini Stylus Ballpen - 11403S
Mini Stylus Ballpen
A handy sized twist action Stylus Ballpen. Suitable for use with tablets and smart phones. Sleek design to incorporate a ring patterned grip. Available in white, blue silver and black. Sleeved with black ink refills.
minimum order 100
FROM £1.03 TO £1.82 more info
Cool and fun Ballpen - 02206V
Cool and fun Ballpen
Your promotions will be sure to get the thumbs up from your customers with our Bendy Dude Pen! This novelty pen has a tactile design and moveable arms for a great way to keep your brand in your customers' hands! We've extended our colour range for 2016 to give you even more choice for your promotions. Pen is supplied with black ink and is BS7272 approved.
minimum order 250
FROM £1.03 TO £1.10 more info
Sleek Stylus Matte pen - 12503V
Sleek Stylus Matte pen
Metal slim profile ballpen with matte colour barrel featuring shiny chrome trim.
minimum order 300
FROM £1.06 TO £1.22 more info
ICO Mini Partner Pen TR Magnetic - MiniPPMag
ICO Mini Partner Pen TR Magnetic
A great desk pen designed by ICO in translucent recycled plastic, which can be fixed horizontally or vertically with an adhesive strip to most surfaces, or to metal with the internal magnet. The ICO Mini Partner Pen Translucent offers printing areas on both the pen and base, ideal for ensuring your branding stays in sight for longer on the desk, especially if you choose our Offset full CMYK foil colour printing (pen only). The pen itself has been assembled with the changeable X-20 refill and will write for 2.5km in blue, black, red and ICO green, while the tip and base components are both available in translucent white and black. Line thickness is 0.8 mm and the connecting wire spiral is available in in black, white and yellow. Made from 30% recycled plastic.
minimum order 500
FROM £1.06 TO £1.50 more info
Tres'Chic Softly - 02606S
Tres'Chic Softly
Our best selling Paragon style metal pen now also available with 'Rubberized Soft Touch' finish and polished chrome trims.
minimum order 50
FROM £1.07 TO £1.44 more info
DS3 TRR - 01104V
Available in four velvety soft colours orange, dark red, classic blue and black. The DS3 Soft Touch is a treat for both your eyes and your fingertips.
minimum order 500
FROM £1.08 TO £1.35 more info
360° Metal Ballpen - 03302V
360° Metal Ballpen
This contemporary metal pen is available in 10 beautiful matte colours with polished chrome accents and a unique textured grip section. It has a click action mechanism and comes with a choice of blue or black ink refill. With 360° rotary laser engraving it's perfect for larger or more intricate logos.
minimum order 100
FROM £1.08 TO £1.23 more info
Highlighters Case of 3 - 03605V
Highlighters Case of 3
Lid flips down to present the highlighters at an angle on a desk. Great way of presenting a logo or message.
minimum order 250
FROM £1.10 TO £1.17 more info
Pens are used so often in our day-to-day lives that it is vital to have the right pens for the right occasions. This selection of promotional pens features many affordable yet great quality writing pens, from low cost giveaway ballpens with click or screw caps through to multi-functional pens,a great business gift, which features the bonus of a stylus. These multi-function pens are ideal for those on the go, who can use their pen and their gadgets such as phones or tablets in one. 

The promotional pen market roughly divides into three types of business gifts. First is what we in the promotional gift trade call a scatter gift. This is an item which is a low cost gift , probably around 25p to 35p each and you are happy to freely give them away to promote your brand. This low cost gift is one which the user probably does not mind loosing , so they easily pass on your corporate promotional message for you, most likely to another associate of theirs. The next level of promotional pen is called an advertising pen. This is likely to cost around 35p to around £1 each. The advertising pen is probably going to be kept bu your client and you promotional logo is going to be loud and clear on the item promoting your company. However this pen is not a very personal gift, that title goes to the next level. The personal promotional gift is for one of your top clients and the prices start at around £1 and go upwards of £50 each. Clearly on this sort of business gift the print will be subtle, your client will keep this gift and try not to lose it and they will remember who gave it to them; that means the person and the company that person is associated with. The promotional pen then is truly the most popular promotional product because everyone can use one and their is a suitable promotional pen for every pocket.
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