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Full Colour Highlighter Pen - 03407V
Full Colour Highlighter Pen
Unique twist action ballpen with long lasting highlighter and soft rubber comfort grip. A clear protective cap prevents the highlighter ink from drying out. *New* for 2016: highlighter now available in yellow, pink, green or blue. Writing ink of ballpoint is black.
minimum order 250
FROM £0.66 TO £0.74 more info
Verve Colour Mix - 00806T
Verve Colour Mix
Best-selling ballpen with a unique double-walled clip and solid plastic barrel. Four interchangeable parts of the pen can be supplied in a range of opaque or translucent colours. Fitted with a large capacity G2 black ink refill.
minimum order 1000
FROM £0.66 TO £0.73 more info
Plunge Ballpen with metal trim - 01503V
Plunge Ballpen with metal trim
The PromoMate® Plunge® is a plastic push button ball pen with metal trim. Its style, combined with a large branding area, ensures both value for money and quality. The wave grip section guarantees a comfortable writing experience. Go on take the Plunge for your next promotion! A high quality black refill is supplied as standard.
minimum order 250
FROM £0.67 TO £1.23 more info
Maya Wax Highlighter - 03307R
Maya Wax Highlighter
This is an innovation that will be remembered. It is fitted with a rotating mechanism that activates a refill made of WAX! creating a highlighter with a much longer life than most traditional highlighters.
minimum order 250
FROM £0.67 TO £0.89 more info
Helios Highlighter - 03106T
Helios Highlighter
Quality flat highlighter manufactured in imprintable plastic. Highlighter contains 5 popular colours. Also available with Full Colour Digital print for an additional charge.
minimum order 500
FROM £0.67 TO £0.90 more info
Modern and popular Element Ballpen - 01502V
Modern and popular Element Ballpen
The PromoMate Element is a modern and popular push button ballpen. Its wide barrel allows for a large print area. With a choice of three trim colours, Element will easily complement any corporate identity. Element's design includes a soft grip for a precise and comfortable writing experience. A high quality black refill is supplied as standard.
minimum order 250
FROM £0.67 TO £1.21 more info
ICO Xpen Ballpen - 01607V
ICO Xpen Ballpen
Quality stylish part metal pen assembled with ICO long life refill (replacements available in all good stationery shops). 17 colour trim options to choose from.
minimum order 250
FROM £0.69 TO £0.88 more info
DS5 - 01201V
If you look at the DS5 carefully from behind, you will discover, reflected within its form, the number that gave it its name: 5. This pen keeps its promise, making it an ideal personalisable communication medium.
minimum order 500
FROM £0.69 TO £0.91 more info
Papermate Element Ballpen - 01904S
Papermate Element Ballpen
The Papermate Element ballpen is a push button modern design with metal clip and trim. Wide barrel for large print area and soft grip for comfort and precision. A choice of white, metallic or translucent barrels with the usual Paper Mate quality and guarantees. Supplied with black refill as standard.
minimum order 250
FROM £0.71 TO £1.24 more info
Senator Duo Pen Ballpen and Highlighter - 03506V
Senator Duo Pen Ballpen and Highlighter
Ballpen and highlighter in one! Opaque high gloss finish ballpen featuring matching colour highlighter in cap.
minimum order 500
FROM £0.71 TO £0.78 more info
The Beatz Retractable Highlighter - 03408R
The Beatz Retractable Highlighter
Retractable single-colour highlighter. Internal closure allows for longer refill life. Plastic.
minimum order 181
FROM £0.72 TO £1.03 more info
BIC Super Clip BritePix® - 02102T
BIC Super Clip BritePix®
The pen with the large clip. Also available with Exclusive BritePix® technology for maximum printing possibilities on the clip.
minimum order 500
FROM £0.73 TO £0.85 more info
Pens are used so often in our day-to-day lives that it is vital to have the right pens for the right occasions. This selection of promotional pens features many affordable yet great quality writing pens, from low cost giveaway ballpens with click or screw caps through to multi-functional pens,a great business gift, which features the bonus of a stylus. These multi-function pens are ideal for those on the go, who can use their pen and their gadgets such as phones or tablets in one. 

The promotional pen market roughly divides into three types of business gifts. First is what we in the promotional gift trade call a scatter gift. This is an item which is a low cost gift , probably around 25p to 35p each and you are happy to freely give them away to promote your brand. This low cost gift is one which the user probably does not mind loosing , so they easily pass on your corporate promotional message for you, most likely to another associate of theirs. The next level of promotional pen is called an advertising pen. This is likely to cost around 35p to around £1 each. The advertising pen is probably going to be kept bu your client and you promotional logo is going to be loud and clear on the item promoting your company. However this pen is not a very personal gift, that title goes to the next level. The personal promotional gift is for one of your top clients and the prices start at around £1 and go upwards of £50 each. Clearly on this sort of business gift the print will be subtle, your client will keep this gift and try not to lose it and they will remember who gave it to them; that means the person and the company that person is associated with. The promotional pen then is truly the most popular promotional product because everyone can use one and their is a suitable promotional pen for every pocket.
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