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Promotional Gifts - pens & pencils

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Point Basic - 00505T
Point Basic
Economy retractable ballpen. Available in brightly coloured barrels and metal trim. Fitted with a blue plastic X20 refill.
minimum order 500
FROM £0.31 TO £0.36 more info
ICO Buggy Round Clip - BuggyRC
ICO Buggy Round Clip
The Buggy Round Clip is an attractive and colourful ball pen guaranteed to catch the eye with the unique clip design, such as a bottle top. The grip has been ergonomically shaped for comfort and can be matched with the clip and trim in a massive 12 different colour ways, combined with your logo in the large print area. Choose from 4 separate ink refills too (blue, black, unique ICO green and red). This pen would be ideal as a giveaway, and the colourful, fun style suitable for sporty, fun and social situations. You can also go even more colourful with with our ICO Buggy Colour ball pen. Made from 30% recycled materials and now also available with the full colour foil printing option for maximum brand exposure. Print areas: 35x20 mm under the clip, 60x12 mm next to and back of the clip, 30x6 mm on the clip, 13 mm circumference round clip.
minimum order 500
FROM £0.31 TO £0.50 more info
ICO Video Tip XXL - Videotipxxl
ICO Video Tip XXL
SB VideoTip XXL
The unique ICO Videotip XXL Highlighter is assembled from 30% recycled coloured plastic parts and cut nib, and filled with water-based fluorescent ink. Printable in one colour over the barrel, ensuring your branding stands out. Excellent for marking, highlighting on all general paper types. The distinct, bright colours enable the diverse marking of texts of different importance. The highlighted text can be photocopied or forwarded by FAX without being shown. Produced colours: fluorescent pink, fl.yellow,,, Line thickness: 1.0 - 4.0 mm. Available in packs of 4, boxes of 10 or display case of 60.
minimum order 500
FROM £0.31 TO £0.46 more info
Chalk Fluo - 00903V
Chalk Fluo
Modern Swiss ballpen with extra large clip for great visibility. Available in 4 neon colours. Equipped with floating ball writing system with blue or black ink.
minimum order 1000
FROM £0.31 TO £0.54 more info
Full-Colour Ballpen - 01505V
Full-Colour Ballpen
This best-selling retractable is quite possibly the best value full-colour pen in Europe. Now in an incredible fifteen trim colours to choose from. Branded with a full-colour-wraparound print to the barrel and available with a choice of blue or black writing ink.
minimum order 250
FROM £0.31 TO £0.37 more info
Electra Enterprise Ballpen - 02004V
Electra Enterprise Ballpen
Complementing the Electra range, this attractive ballpen is made from composite material to give the feel and appearance of a metal pen. The Electra Enterprise Ballpen is even more budget-friendly than the aluminium Electra.
minimum order 500
FROM £0.31 TO £0.41 more info
Hi Line WE Pencil - 03707V
Hi Line WE Pencil
White wooden pencil with silver ferrule and pink eraser. Can be printed in full photographic quality digital colour 360? around the barrel of the pencil.
minimum order 500
FROM £0.32 TO £0.38 more info
Unique and attractive design ballpen - 02107V
Unique and attractive design ballpen
Exploiting the latest manufacturing technology of double injection moulding, the Sparta Ballpen is a spectacular design-led writing instrument. Suitable for promotions where a relatively high perceived value is required at a competitive price. The Sparta range is a registered design.
minimum order 500
FROM £0.32 TO £0.45 more info
Super Hit Mix & Match Plastic Ballpen - 00503V
Super Hit Mix & Match Plastic Ballpen
Evergreen and million seller. Plastic ballpen fitted with large capacity refill. Available to mix and match in polished and frosted finish, in our 16 most popular colours.
minimum order 1000
FROM £0.32 TO £0.36 more info
Unique design Ballpen - 02106V
Unique design Ballpen
Using the same double injection moulding technique as the standard Sparta Ballpen, the Sparta Argent is a variation on this theme. The addition of silver accents beneath the clip to match the nose cone gives this writing instrument a touch of luxury. The Sparta range is a registered design.
minimum order 500
FROM £0.32 TO £0.45 more info
Ovale original Ballpen - 01705V
Ovale original Ballpen
Slightly oval shaped with a fabulous print area alongside the clip. Vivid silicone coloured finger grip. Plunger action and black ink refill.
minimum order 500
FROM £0.33 TO £0.35 more info
Super Hit Plastic Ballpen Soft Grip - 00501V
Super Hit Plastic Ballpen Soft Grip
Evergreen and million seller. Ballpen with transparent high gloss finish barrel. Featuring matching opaque high gloss clip and soft feel, satin finish grip section. Fitted with large capacity refill. Also available without soft grip.
minimum order 500
FROM £0.33 TO £0.37 more info
Pens are used so often in our day-to-day lives that it is vital to have the right pens for the right occasions. This selection of promotional pens features many affordable yet great quality writing pens, from low cost giveaway ballpens with click or screw caps through to multi-functional pens,a great business gift, which features the bonus of a stylus. These multi-function pens are ideal for those on the go, who can use their pen and their gadgets such as phones or tablets in one. 

The promotional pen market roughly divides into three types of business gifts. First is what we in the promotional gift trade call a scatter gift. This is an item which is a low cost gift , probably around 25p to 35p each and you are happy to freely give them away to promote your brand. This low cost gift is one which the user probably does not mind loosing , so they easily pass on your corporate promotional message for you, most likely to another associate of theirs. The next level of promotional pen is called an advertising pen. This is likely to cost around 35p to around £1 each. The advertising pen is probably going to be kept bu your client and you promotional logo is going to be loud and clear on the item promoting your company. However this pen is not a very personal gift, that title goes to the next level. The personal promotional gift is for one of your top clients and the prices start at around £1 and go upwards of £50 each. Clearly on this sort of business gift the print will be subtle, your client will keep this gift and try not to lose it and they will remember who gave it to them; that means the person and the company that person is associated with. The promotional pen then is truly the most popular promotional product because everyone can use one and their is a suitable promotional pen for every pocket.
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