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Promotional Gifts - mugs & drinkware

mugs & drinkware

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Pollock - 06206S
500ml aluminium drinks bottle with screw on cap and carabiner. Available in 9 colours.
minimum order 50
FROM £2.19 TO £2.82 more info
Little Latte Mug - 05702V
Little Latte Mug
Our popular Latte mug is now available in miniature, and branded with a cost effective screen print. You can print 1-2 spot colours all the way around the mug, even if you have a tight registration design. Printed using our revolutionary TruColour® system at no extra cost. Engineered by and exclusive to us, TruColour® enables you to reassure that you can meet the Pantone requirement rather than compromising on colour; even available on dark glazes!
minimum order 72
FROM £2.20 TO £2.64 more info
Thermal Travel Mug Without Handle - 06302S
Thermal Travel Mug Without Handle
Coloured thermo mugs, 420ml. Ideal for travel, office and college use.
minimum order 50
FROM £2.21 TO £2.54 more info
Can Cup - 06703V
Can Cup
For a modern and eye-catching way to promote your brand, we offer our cool Can Cup! This funky item is styled to look like a fizzy drinks can, with a sliding closure mechanism on the lid. It's double walled design has a clear outer layer and a translucent inner layer, in an extended range of colours for 2016. 330ml capacity.
minimum order 100
FROM £2.21 TO £2.36 more info
Mini Marrow Mug - 11702Y
Mini Marrow Mug
The Mini Marrow is a smaller version of one of the most popular earthenware mug styles and comes in white. Ideal for Espresso machines and 100% dishwasher proof. Printed using our revolutionary TruColour® system at no extra cost.
minimum order 72
FROM £2.21 TO £2.71 more info
Demi - 06502T
350ml double walled shiny plastic take out coffee cup with rubber base and matching lid
minimum order 50
FROM £2.23 TO £3.03 more info
Bop™ Sports Bottle - 06708T
Bop™ Sports Bottle
The newest addition to the H2O Active family is a fun and functional bottle with a 500ml capacity. Designed and manufactured in Britain, the Bop Bottle has indented fingergrips on the side of the bottle, to make it easier to grip during sports or other activities. The bottle is made from recyclable PET material and is available in four striking translucent colours, plus glossy white. Then it’s up to you to choose either a domed or flip lid with eleven colours to choose from! BPA free.
minimum order 120
FROM £2.23 TO £2.49 more info
Classic Mug - 06704V
Classic Mug
Don't take the risk of your brand vanishing when a mug gets broken! Choose one of our long lasting, hardwearing and virtually indestructible British made plastic mugs. The Classic Mug has a popular rounded design. Our mugs are made from high quality, food safe plastics and have a 300ml capacity. We offer fantastic branding areas to each of our mugs, and they're all available in a striking colour palette to suit your brand.
minimum order 120
FROM £2.26 TO £3.36 more info
Polo Plus - 06402T
Polo Plus
450ml plastic double walled travel mug with screw on lid and coloured sip cover.
minimum order 50
FROM £2.30 TO £2.96 more info
Cascade Sports/Water Bottle - 06808T
Cascade Sports/Water Bottle
Novel design see thru bottle with screw on lid. Made from durable Titan TM, BPA free, does not retain odors or taste. Perfect for office or conference use, sports and trekking etc. 650ml.
minimum order 100
FROM £2.30 TO £2.42 more info
Pulse Sports Bottle - 06707T
Pulse Sports Bottle
The Pulse™ Sports Bottle has a fantastic shape, ideal for use in the gym, at sporting events, or even just at leisure. Available in four strong translucent colours, plus solid white, with a fantastic wraparound branding area. Make your selection of either a domed or flip lid, and then choose your colours to match your brand - you can keep to one colour or mix and match! BPA free, 600ml capacity.
minimum order 120
FROM £2.33 TO £2.49 more info
Primo Mug - 06303V
Primo Mug
The compact size of our Primo mug has been designed to fit within standard vending machines, for a practical yet stylish way to promote your brand. It offers great British quality meaning that you will have a promotional item that will last and last. Our Brite version allows you to have your design wrapped all the way around the mug itself, for an eye-catching product. Then choose from our range of popular lid and grip colours to complement your design. 250ml capacity. BPA free.
minimum order 240
FROM £2.35 TO £3.99 more info
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We have a wide range of quality sports bottles in this customised drinkware section, so whatever bottle you are looking for you can be sure to find here. Starting with the standard cap drinks bottle and going to fold-up water bottles and 'drinkskins', make sure that you remain hydrated while exercising. Our printed bottles are perfect for football, netball, rugby, athletics and jogging, or to have by your side whilst you are camping or walking. 

No desk is complete without a bespoke mug, and from our selection of ceramic mugs, plastic mugs, and china mugs, you can find the right one for yourself or your employees. These printed mugs make brilliant gifts as you can customise them with a fun photo of the recipient or with a friendly message. Alternatively, gift your office promotional mugs so they can hold your company's name within their home. 

This drinkware section also offers glassware for home or the office, as well as a selection of travel mugs for your camping trips and picnics. Please contact us with any queries you may have.
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